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Low Down:

A monologue which attempt to get at the heart of Emmy Goering, who as the wife of Hermann Goering (Second in command to Hitler) was at the centre of the Third Reich.  As she sips champagne still glamorous, still in evening dress, she talks of her early career, her marriage, her adored Fuhrer and her old friend, the celebrated actor Gustav Gruendgens.




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Fighting the Nazi-Nostalgia with sharp Humour.


Europe takes one big swing to the right right now. Emmy (1893-1973) is kind of an expert on that: She’s the widow of Nazi potentate Hermann Goering, Hitler's second-in-command. ENIGMA – EMMY GOERING – shares intimate moments with you. It's a scream! A biting satire against Nazi nostalgia, a monologue of the left-over wife, both appalling and intense, ranging from 'kitsch' to terror. The world premiere of the play’s English version will be the start of an international tour. The text is based on Frau Goering's Autobiography 'At my Husband's side' and other historical sources. (More...)







"Karin Pettenburger captures Goering’s tragic glamour with warmth and thoughtful charm...

...Obediently researched..."








"The concept is undeniably promising and Göring’s life has obviously been fastidiously researched by Werner Fritsch..."


 "...Her (Pettenburger's) performance is often touching and she plays Göring with an impressive subtlety... Whilst she doesn’t succeed in making Göring a sympathetic character... (sic!)  A moment where she reimagines her husband as an elephant is oddly beautiful and she portrays Göring’s inner child, sweet-tooth and all, with real skill..."











 It is 1973. Emmy Goering is reminiscing about her life at the side of her husband Hermann at the centre of the Third Reich. She is in evening dress and is sipping champagne.

Emma  Sonnemann, daughter of a chocolate manufacturer, met Herman Goering (at the time second in commade to Hitler) in 1931. Hermann adored her and attended the theatre regularly. They married in 1935 with Hitler in attendance. She continued to work as a professional actress after moving to Berlin with her new husband but soon came under pressure to abandon the stage to be a political wife. Their daughter Edda was born in 1938 and had Hitler as Godfather. Emmy was flamboyant  and often outspoken.  In her memoirs ‘At the side of my Husband’ (1973) she describes her role as apolitical despite  often acting as First Lady at the side of Hitler. This play draws on her memoirs and other historical sources. As she sips champagne she talks of her early career, her marriage, her adored Fuhrer and her old friend, the actor Gustav Gruendgens.

The set is simple; a small table, two chairs, a glass of champagne and coffee. ...This brings us into Emmy’s world as she struggled to make sense of all the confusing voices and memories in her head.

As Emmy, actress Karin Pettenburger talks of meeting Herman, her marriage, dancing with Hitler (whom she always refers to as the Fuhrer), her garden at Carinhall, the war years, which she describes as the best of her life. As the play progresses she becomes more sentimental often confusing then and now, the voices of the different men in her life who came to sound similar. Pettenburger gives a strong, driven performance... The story is not always easy to follow but that seems to be an intentional part of the writing, we are watching a women for whom the past is more real than the present and who is disintegrating as she tries to make sense of it. ...             An extraordinary story.

Overall, this is a fascinating exploration of the life of a woman who was at the heart of one of the most powerful dictatorships the world has known. 


Reviewed by Kate Saffin 6th August 2014

Website :





 Link to Video show compl. 59 Min. (German Language)




Werner Fritsch is a german author/director born 1960 in northern Bavaria.He writes Plays, Poetry, movie-scripts and directs movies. Among numerous prices he was awarded the 'Else-Lasker-Schueler-Price' and for 'Enigma – Emmy Goering' he won the ARD-Price 'Best-Radio-Play' of the year 2007.



Karin Pettenburger.

Viennese by birth, she received her theatrical education at GustavMahler-Conservatoire in Vienna. She is also a doctor. Her medical education makes her a specialist for psychiatry.

She co-founded the Modernes-Theater-Wien with Hartmut Nolte in Vienna and played lately highly acclaimed Roberto Athayde's furious monologue 'Appearance Dona Margarida' .



Hartmut Nolte,

born in 1947 in Germany. After extensive work as an actor at different theaters in Germany and Austria, Nolte founded the 'Theater ueber dem Landtag' in Munich in 1974 which he was leader of for 16 years. Then Nolte worked at Trinity-College Dublin as a lecturer for German Literatur and Drama.

After a several years' stay abroad in the Caribbean where he dealt with translations and treatments of dramatic and epic texts in 2002, he was back in Europe, and worked as a school-theatre-adviser in his hometown and appeared in Munich repeatedly in leading roles as an actor. In 2010 Nolte moved to Vienna where he founded the Moderne Theater Wien together with co-founder Karin Pettenburger.

Nolte directed works of Horvath, Synge, Strindberg, Frisch, Willi Russel etc. and worked as an actor in numerous Film/TV-movies.











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Spielzeit 2014/15




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